Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kamo primary

Kamo Primary School Opening Ceremony


We walked out on to the turf and we waited for ten mins so the black sticks could get ready. Mr ward started to welcome everybody to the ceremony he told us who helped out to buy the turf for KPS. It was home and school and bot. Then Mr ward introduced the black sticks there was Mrs Wright, Miss McLeod, Alana Millington, Anna Thorpe & Laura Gibbs. Two new kids cut the Ribbon the black sticks ran out and showed of there skills they were amazing. Then the real game began there were balls flying everywhere the black sticks were wining at the start of the game but then the KPS team scored a goal but the black sticks were still wining it was the best hockey game ever. It was a long but cool game KPS scored the final goal and won the game it was finished. Rm 8 & 9 got to get autographs.



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