Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Toss woollaston

In rm 8 we have been studying people who have made a difference. Here is some facts of one of them.


Born in [[Toko]], [[Taranaki Region|Taranaki]] in 1910, Woollaston studied art at the [[University of Canterbury|Canterbury School of Art]] in [[Christchurch]]. He became interested in [[modernism]] after moving to [[Dunedin]] to study with R N Field.

In 1934 he settled at Mapua, near [[Nelson, New Zealand|Nelson]], and married Edith Alexander two years later. You suck who. Evers reading thisThey became part of a circle of local artists and writers which included [[Colin McCahon]]. After [[World War II]] the Woollastons moved to [[Greymouth]], and the landscape of the [[West Coast, New Zealand|West Coast]] became a major feature in his art.

It was only from the 1960s that Woollaston was able to paint full-time; previously he had taken numerous part time jobs to support himself and his family.

As well as painting, Woollaston wrote, poetry in particular having been a lifelong passion. His books included ''The Far-away Hills'' in 1960, and ''Sage Tea'' (his autobiography) in 1980.

He was made a [[Knight Bachelor]] in 1979, being the first New Zealander to be knighted for his services to art ([[Peter Siddell]] being the second).

His son [[Philip Woollaston]] was the (Labour) Member of Parliament for [[Nelson (New Zealand electorate)|Nelson]] from 1981 to 1990.


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