Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Box

I'm so eggier too find out whats in this strange box. At the top I saw some grass it looks like its fake but I don't know who would know. Then I started hearing bumps and strange noises, I started to wonder if tomorrow morning I come to school and nobody was there but even worse the box was open I don't know but I hope that doesn't happen. Then the box the ground and the walls started to shake it stopped two seconds later then I thought the whole class was getting frightened so much that three people fainted. Then every playground in the school shacked and didn't stop for the hole day. Then ten more people fainted thirteen people have fainted now I want to get out of here. But all that time I was wondering what was in the box. Tick tick tick it was almost three o'clock. Here it was mr Soole opened the box and...



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